Sponsor a Staff Member

At this moment in time more than anything Siem Reap needs jobs, especially in ethically-run businesses and social enterprises – jobs with people who care. Let’s make sure we can keep as many jobs as possible, bounce back, and get everyone back into work as soon as possible.

At Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel we are providing accommodation, meals and healthcare to the best of ability. But money for salaries is going to be shorter and shorter. 

We need your help

If you would like to assist with a monthly direct debit, you can choose the amount of your choosing and we will put that towards keeping staff employed.

The more we raise, the better.

This situation is likely to last months. If we raise enough, we will be able to continue to support the many extended families who depend on us (and usually the custom of our valued guests) for their income.

Unexpected expenses

On top of the dwindling income, we are now needing to buy safety equipment at heavily inflated prices. Hand sanitiser, alcohol, gloves and face masks have become scarce and exorbitant to buy. These are dispersed to frontline staff and despite our best cost-saving measures, these are eating up our remaining funds too.


Thank you for caring. Thank you for helping. Cambodia and other developing nations are disproportionately affected by this. One of our drivers told us “I have no money to feed the kids”. The overwhelming majority of people though tell us they just need money. They will source their own food, schooling and healthcare if we provide them with income. 

When things get back to normal, make Cambodia the first place on your list to visit. Spend money locally. Enjoy the amazing holiday culture that Siem Reap offers. Help families and help everyone come back from abject poverty.

Sponsorship Methods

For donations we will take payment in these ways. Email ilana to discuss in more detail if you have any questions.

To sponsor a staff member, we invite you to set up a monthly direct debit as this will help us to continue to pay our staff monthly.

Reference Details

Please use your NAME and/or ORDER NUMBER as the reference.

ABA Bank Cambodia

Account Name: Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel
Account Number: 001544694
Swift Code: ABAAKHPP

Or use the SWIFT of these correspondent banks in your own bank’s country:

Suncorp Bank Australia

Name: Adam Scott
BSB: 484799
Account number: 200554030

PayPal Worldwide


Wing Cambodia

Wing is a local cash transfer service within Cambodia. You can Wing money to us at to +855 967 470842. Please email a photo of the receipt of transfer to ilana@babyelephant.asia or by Whatsapp to the phone number +855 9676 470842


We can collect cash from anywhere in Siem Reap. This would also provide a local driver a job!

Preferred payment method

Preferred method of payment is to our Cambodian bank account as we can access this quickly and depending on transfer type, with the least fees.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch by signing up to our email news below. Or to talk to Ilana directly ilana@babyelephant.asia or +855 96747 0842.