Good Gifts – Vouchers That Put Smiles on Everyone’s Faces

Gift vouchers will be valid an amazing 3 YEARS

We need your help to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic tourism crisis. Buy a gift voucher now for your next trip to the kingdom of wonder, and help Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel keep as many people as possible in jobs. Use your vouchers for:

Tropical Holidays

Room Stays

Cocktails & Food

Massages & Spa

Angkor Wat Visits

Tropical Holidays

Room Stays

Cocktails & Food

Massages & Spa

Angkor Wat Visits

Make a direct impact on poverty in Siem Reap now. Get your gift voucher – then come enjoy it with us when this is all over.

What will we do with this money?

Pay Salaries

Keep our Cambodian team members employed and paid so that they are ready for you when you get here.

Feed the Community

Increase daily meals for staff, tuk tuk drivers & other service providers. Provide accommodation.

Keep People Safe

Increase security, healthcare and safety precautions for guests and team alike.


Get Suppliers Paid

A lot of microbusinesses and ethical employers depend on us too. We will make sure they keep work too.

Care for the Animals

Care for our adopted and foster animals. Yes, even that weird dog Wesley. 

And SURVIVE – to continue to contribute to our local community & welcome guests in the future.

Baby Elephant could be gone if we don’t act soon

You can help your little herd in Siem Reap, Cambodia, by buying a Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel Gift Voucher. Each gift voucher is a future gift to yourself and a helping hand right now for your favourite team at your home away from home in Siem Reap.

Why buy a voucher?

Our hotel bookings are now close to zero, as borders close down and the global tourism industry reels from the crisis. It affects us starkly. Siem Reap is the poorest province in the poorest country in Southeast Asia. With money rapidly running out, people are becoming desperate. And our ability to continue helping them is in jeopardy.

We foresee losses that will result in people losing their jobs, and Baby Elephant could be gone completely, if we don’t act soon. 

For 5 years we have shared the beauty and wonder of the Kingdom of Cambodia with travellers, while also doing the crucial work of providing sustainable, empowered work environments for Cambodian people. This model has helped strengthen our local community immensely. But without your help this is likely to end.




$10 $10

$20 $20

$50 $55


$100 $110


$200 $230


$350 $410


$500 $600


$1,000 $1,250


Choose Your Gift Voucher Amount

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$10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1,000, Other amount

The only fine print: Gift vouchers CAN be used on promotional rates / discounts. But your bonus gift voucher amounts cannot be used in conjunction with promotional rates.

Share the gift of a future holiday in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Score BONUS gift cards for every purchase of more than $50. Check the table above to see how the pricing works.

Not sure if you’ll make it to Siem Reap? Treat your gift card as a donation – it will help us survive and that good feeling can be your holiday!

If you would like to gift the gift voucher to yourself, please by all means do it! Just address the card to yourself and enjoy the surprise in your inbox.

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What can your Good Gifts vouchers be used for?

Tropical Holidays

Imagine your sun lounge, by our saltwater pool. You are enjoying our wellness menu or a $1 draft beer, and reading a book from our library. Or strike up a conversation in our lush garden.

Room Stays

Enjoy our gorgeous rooms, with Cambodian artwork and locally-made artisan soft furnishings and more.

Choose from BE Happy Guesthouse or Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel.

Cocktails & Food

Cocktails made with butterfly pea flowers, Cambodian curries with star anise, plus dozens of other delicious options. Even use your voucher for cooking classes!

Massages & Spa

Manicures and pedicures, luxury superfood skincare facials, Ayurvedic treatments & Thai massage, full body massages, hot compress treatments and more.  

Angkor Wat Visits

Support a local tuk tuk driver and take a spin around the magnificent temple ruins in the Angkor Archaeological Park. Or why not explore Kulen Mountain and beyond?

So what are you waiting for! It’s a win win situation.

About Baby Elephant Group

Doing Good in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel is a social enterprise that aims to be the leading independent Siem Reap boutique hotel, creating rewarding and memorable cultural experiences for our guests while providing life-changing opportunities for our team of Cambodian staff.

We are grateful to each and every one of our guests who enables us to do all of this. Without you, it would simply not be possible.

Read about our other projects on our corporate site here.

The Baby Elephant social venture family

We are doing our best to develop online services to continue to support our teams. Follow and stay tuned as we develop new services that achieve our mission of delighting our clients and community while empowering and offering sustainable jobs to our amazing teams.